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The Gifting Store has combined our love of giving gifts with our passion for social change and environmental protection.  We're committed every day to making our world a better and more sustainable place to live, not only through our eco friendly business practices, but also with the promotion of conscious awareness about the ethical choices we make when we purchase consumer goods.

Our philosophy is that when you combine gift giving with sustainable, eco friendly habits, you are helping to promote a society that cares about reciprocity while also nurturing Mother Earth.  Our strategy includes the promotion of eco friendly materials, organic merchandise, recycled gifts, and high-quality fair trade artisan crafted gifts.   The Gifting Store offers unique gifts that will delight the recipient while being mindful of the environment and the people who live in it.



In addition to our eco-friendly gifts, you'll find a collection of environmentally friendly recycled gifts as well.  Often referred to as repurposed or upcycled gifts, these gifts are created from pre-existing materials that would have been disposed of in landfills if not utilized again in another way.  For example, the man in your life will love our gifts for him collection that includes awesome wallets and belts that are made from recycled tires and rubber inner tubes.  You'd never know it because they look and feel great!

The Gifting Store provides you with a fabulous selection of unique gifts for her.  Many of our gifts for her are from fair trade artisans.  Fair trade is a process that allows small scale artisans particularly from disadvantaged economic status to participate in the global marketplace.  By engaging in Fair trade practices, companies ensure that artisans in developing countries are treated ethically and with morality.  The fair trade artisans we represent are incredible artists that create truly unique gifts anyone would appreciate.  The gift giver can take pride in not only offering a unique gift to a friend or family member but also providing an opportunity through the purchase of a fair trade gift for the artisan to lift their selves out of poverty.

The Gifting Store has tried to be sure we have options for any gift giving occasion.  Whether it is a kid's birthday gift, a baby shower gift or a green wedding favor for guests, we believe we have an option you will love.  Gift giving that has the added benefit of protecting our environment or helping an artisan rise above poverty is pretty heady stuff - we think you'll be as passionate about it as we are!



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