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THANK YOU for your interest! Our recent scholarship JUST ended and the winner is...

Adam Ballard of Cal Poly Pomona University!

To read Adam's winning essay, go here

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The Gifting Store
is an online gift store that offers unique gifts with a purpose. We've combined our love of eco friendly gift giving with our deep rooted sense of responsibility to protect the environment. In addition, our business model incorporates partnerships with fair trade companies that guarantee the ethical treatment of artisans in developing nations. Our unique gifts are a collection of gift items that either protect our natural resources or through fair trade practices enable an artisan to rise above poverty.


Our eco-friendly gifts are manufactured from products that in one way or another protect our natural resources from depletion by utilizing sustainable materials or prevent materials that would have ended up as trash from polluting our environment. We've found artisans who create unique gifts from earth-friendly materials or recycled, repurposed or upcycled materials.


The Gifting Store represents a number of fair trade artisans. We believe strongly in fair trade. Fair trade is a practice in place to promote artisans of developing countries in the global marketplace and at the same time protect them from unethical and immoral practices. Every unique gift purchased from a fair trade artisan allows that artisan the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty in a sustainable manner. Anyone who receives a gift created by a fair trade artisan will not only treasure the gift for its beauty and quality but will delight in the fact that it helped this individual improve the quality of their life.


The Gifting Store hopes you enjoy giving gifts as much as we do and that you will take pride in knowing that you've made this world a better place when you select one of our eco-friendly or fair trade gifts to give.


If we can help you in any way, please don't hesitate to email us at